I purchased the heated vest on Cozy Winter's website in 2008. It worked well for 4 years then it intermittently stopped coming on .

I fussed with it for the next year or two, then bought the Sedici Hot Wire heated vest because I was cold. I live in Atascadero and the winter mornings can get into the teens on occasion but typically in the 30's. When I say fussed with it, I mean squeezed the connectors and wiring trying to find a short circuit and replacing with new temperature controllers, switches, and battery connections but with no improvement. I take super good care of my gear because I prefer to buy the higher quality stuff even though I can barely afford to.

Apparently this vest purchase was an exception. I searched on the web for solutions, even had a motorcycle repair shop and an electrician trouble shoot the problem. When I contacted Cozy Winters, I basically got nowhere and I've tried 3 times. Their customer service was much worse in the past and now they won't give me any specs on the male coaxial power plug.

I think the problem lies in a loose connection inside that male coaxial power plug that connects to the battery pigtail(power source). I ordered replacements plugs online not knowing the exact specs(length) but the were too short. I eventually bought another vest because I think they have the potential to be repairable and I like the option of plugging in my heated gloves which the Sedici doesn't have. My recommendation is to do what I should have done and buy the higher quality gear with solid warranties.

By the way, I bought Warm Gear heated gloves that have worked ok but have lost their ability to heat as efficiently as when they were new.

Another side note is that the vest heats up much more than the gloves and I think this is and electrical engineer's design flaw. Thanks for reading.


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