I purchased the WarmGear battery-powered heated gloves. They were very useful for the 1st year I had them. Then, shortly into year2 (just after the 1 year warranty expired), the right glove stopped functioning (blinking yellow light and fails to turn-on). At this point CozyWinters agreed to take the glove back on a warranty repair with the warning that this would take up to 30 days upon them receiving the glove. I sent both gloves to them (they wanted both) and expected to hear something back *within* 30 days. However, when I heard nothing for ~20 days, I called back to inquire and was told in a very sassy manner that they the repair would be done at 30 days. I got the same story when I called back at day 29....repair work had not started but the glove would be ready on day 30. Sure enough when I called on day 30, the "repair" was done and the gloves were being shipped back to me.

When I received the shipment, there was a brand new, functioning right hand glove along with the original left hand glove. However, when I went to use them, the left hand glove was NOW not working with the same symptoms that the right hand glove had.

When I called back to ask for warranty service on this glove, they said tough luck...the warranty is expired.

So, if you're okay with you gloves failing just after the warranty period and not having any good recourse, these gloves are for you.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1266752

I agree, I bought them 3 years ago and didn't use them for 2 years, and now when i charged them up, only one glove works. At their best, they the battery died quickly and the heating element made the glove very uncomfortable on the top of my hand. DO NOT buy these!

Fraser, Colorado, United States #952726

The same thing happened - the right glove battery stopped working in the third winter - had used the gloves maybe 25 times skiing during two winters. Obviously passed warranty, but batteries do not hold up. The rechargeable batteries I have for my ski boots keep on wonderfully for 3 years and counting so the technology is there - just not in this product.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States #939572

Batteries do not last long enough. Gloves are very difficult to get on and off.

The batteries are placed on the underside of the glove and the settings change way too easily. I would mot purchase again.



Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #777582

I also bought these gloves two years ago and have the same issue. They are expensive as HECK and should hold up.


These gloves are made with amazing quality and are exceptionally comfortable. They keep my hands warm and cozy throughout the day.

I cannot go a day of cool weather without using them.

I am in love with these gloves. Great product CozyWinters.com!

Truckee, California, United States #650326

I am a professional ski instructor. I ordered a pair of battery operated gloves through our PSIA instructors discount program.

The 1st pair shipped I was very unhappy with. The material was inadequate without the assistance of the batteries. The battery life is too short. The supplier listened to my complaint.

I shipped the gloves back and was shipped a new pair of there heaviest model along with an extra pair of batteries at no charge. I still was unhappy with the battery life. Quite frankly I do not believe in gadgets. A quality leather glove or Gortex mix with a good liner is all you need.

Expect to spend close to the price you did for the battery operated glove. The company was excellent to work with and did not charge me for any shipping.

Good luck. GO WITH A PRO!!!

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