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I just finished composing and sending the following Email to "CozyWinters". I will update, here, any response I get from them. Good or Bad. That being said, I will hold off on my opinion of said company because, I really have none. Yet....

To whom this may concern;

App. 3 years ago, my girlfriend gave me a birthday present. It was a pair of your Warmgear Ultimate Heated Gloves. After 1 month of wearing them (app. 3-4 times) the battery leads to the right handed glove frayed away making its use impossible. Please notice the pictures I've included with this Email to see exactly what I'm talking about. I placed them in my closet until I could figure out what to do with them. Only problem is here it is, 3-4 years later, that I discovered them in that same closet where they sat all this time, completely forgotten. The model number on this battery is 805B and I notice that your company has since redesigned this battery eliminating the problem I encountered.

My question to you would be, am I really going to have to pay the $99.95 to replace these batteries with a new set. Or would you be willing to provide a new set of batteries with the improved, current design at no charge so that I may wear my gloves again. I only ask based upon the two facts regarding this matter.

1) It would appear by comparing the wiring on your current replacement battery for this glove to the batteries that originally came with my gloves, you had several problems with the wiring design, from several customers. Causing the breakage in their gloves as well. Not just mine. Forcing the obvious upgrade in design.

2) My girlfriend payed a very hefty price of $299.99 for my pair of Warmgear Ultimate Heated Gloves after discovering that I indeed had " Raynaud's Syndrome" as well, and that they were exactly what my condition called for. Imagine her disappointment to see me wear them only 3-4 times before discarding them into the closet.


Reason of review: First battery design when glove was first released was inadequate. It broke very shortly after receiving it. I am hoping for them to do the right thing and replace with updated design..

Monetary Loss: $299.

Preferred solution: Replace my defective battery with newer, current design..

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